Sunday, April 4, 2010

no zombies today

So I got through Easter Sunday without having my brain eaten by anyone who came back from the dead. I figure that's pretty good. It's funny how it seems to be "the thing" to compare Jesus to a zombie, lately. The first time I ever heard the comparison, I was driving through downtown Leominster with my then 8-year-old son. We passed a church with a god commercial that said "Jesus is dead Jesus has risen" (and yes, I'm pretty sure it was punctuation-free). My son read the billboard, looked at me and asked "is he a zombie?" I don't remember what I said. But I'm relatively sure I laughed.

But yeah, coming back from the dead is creepy. So whose bright idea was it to stick coming-back-from-the-dead day on the same day as the spring fertility ritual? A church that doesn't want you to have any unapproved sex, that's who. If you go out into the fields to get fertile, it could turn into a horror movie, folks. Better not chance it.

And speaking of coming back from the dead, they're still waiting for him to do it again. Frankly, if it's all the same, and they come back intact (i.e. not as zombies), I'd rather have Martin Luther King, and/or one or more of the Kennedys. Rest in peace, Dr. King, on this, the anniversary of your death. It still gets me every time I think of someone wanting to shoot a man like that. Today I watched Bobby Kennedy's unscripted speech from the night Dr. King died, talking about how a white man killed his brother, and how we needed to move forward together as a nation.

Dr. King, Bobby and John Kennedy were all murdered before I was born. Scared, angry people reacted to change and progress with a gun. And what have we learned since then? Apparently nothing, if you look at the tea baggers. Because there they go, marching around, spitting, name-calling, and holding up signs with coffins and guns on them. I am just at a loss to understand the conservative mind. Which, I guess, is a good thing.

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