Friday, March 2, 2012

Every waking second?

What is up with people who insert gods into every single subject? I was just reading an article on HuffPo about a girl who died from huffing off a helium tank (yeah, that was bright), and some woman responded that if only we all lived as god intended, the article would not have been written. WTF? Along with what basically amounted to "if it had been my child, oh well, we don't live forever." WTGDPF?!

But anyway, are these people so weak/crazy/whatever that they can't go five seconds without being completely immersed in god-bother? These are the same people who boycott Halloween, and want to call it Jesus-ween. Which is seriously messed up, BTW. Guess what? Not every holiday is all about you. These are the people who get pissed off that they have to take down their "Our Heavenly Father" prayers that hang in public schools. Even though the very same people would fly into a foaming-at-the-mouth rage if somebody hung up a prayer to Allah, or Wicca, or Vishnu. Fuck these people. Fuck everything about them.