Monday, April 19, 2010

Nerd Crush Alert

So I can't be the only woman who drools over smart guys. To hell with the stereotypical brain-dead gym rat. What would you talk to him about?

Well, just now my nerd-crush-o-meter went off the charts when I read Adam Savage's speech to the Harvard Humanists. Damn. Apologies to Jamie, though, the walrus mustache doesn't do it for me. I'd have to meet him in person to decide if he goes on the list. (Not coincidentally, last year's recipient of this same award was Joss Whedon - also on my nerd crush list.) Another big nerd crush, Sam Harris, doesn't even need the award. Everybody just knows. Which pretty much leaves us with Dr. Neil Tyson as my final nerd crush.


Back to Adam for a second, though. Way back in the recesses of time, in 1988(ish), I never thought I would end up with a nerd crush on the drowning kid from Billy Joel's Only Human video. I wonder what ever happened to angst guy who Billy was actually singing to. I bet he didn't turn out awesome like Adam did.

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  1. LOL. The day after I wrote this, Amanda Palmer forwarded a tweet from Thomas Dolby. Science, FTW! Following him now.