Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Republican Presidents

You know, I was just thinking. Every Republican president there has been in my whole life has been a shithead. When I was born, Nixon was president. 'Nuff said there. Ford was a buffoon, but I don't think he made anything worse than it was when he got there. I could be wrong. I was little then.

Democratic interlude: President Carter was (and presumably still is) a Very Nice Man. He probably should have been President of the United Federation of Planets, rather than of the US between Republicans.

Reagan. Debt. Arms Race. Iran Contras. And he STILL didn't suck half as much as the Bushes. And Bush 41 didn't suck half as much as Bush 43.

Come to think of it, the only good president during my whole life was President Clinton. President Obama is doing pretty well so far, so maybe we've got a second one.

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