Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another Thought of the Day

Or two thoughts, maybe. The first is that I broke my right pinkie nail down where it hurts if you break it. So ow. Typing is fun. I glued it back together with a silk nail wrap and some acrylic nail powder. So it should hold a while, as long as I don't type too much on it.

The second thought is about Things That Happened before I Was Alive. It seems to me that when someone challenges, say, religious text on the money, in public buildings, on license plates, or what have you, the stock answer is a variation on "well, it's been there a long time, and no one has complained before." Lovely. I wasn't alive to complain before. I'm alive now, and I'm not happy with it now. You don't see the same "well no one complained before" response when black people complain about the Confederate flag flying over the court house. Well, ok, you do, but no one takes the person saying it seriously. So what's up with that?

Which brings me to... I have to wonder if this country is irreparably divided. It becomes clearer to me every day that the kind of country the Evangelical, religious right wants to live in is not the kind of country I want to live in. My vision of the future looks like the United Federation of Planets. Theirs looks like a cross between medieval serfdom, Leave It to Beaver, and Little House on the Prairie. So hell. Oh, the books I need to write if I can ever concentrate long enough to get them out of my head...