Monday, April 5, 2010

Still Getting Republispam Ads

Ok, Facebook? Get the hint! I'm really, really tired of clicking "irrelevant," "uninteresting," etc. on the Republispam ads. Over, and over, and over. At this point, I'm not sure that a Democrat eating babies on live TV would make me vote red. I would be amused at them wasting their money on advertising to me, except their whole spiel is how they should have all the money.

I really don't see why they are so attached to keeping poverty around. Republicapitalism, (i.e. take as much as you can for yourself, and to hell with anyone else) is a far greater evil than any kind of communism. Even so, nobody is advocating "everybody gets the same amount of money no matter what." Which doesn't make any sense, anyway. It's more like "everybody gets enough to survive, and people who earn more than that get more than that." What is the problem with that?

In fact, if you go to, you may notice the second blog post. Here is a quote from it: "It doesn’t matter how people got poor or why they are poor, the top priority of Jesus Christ was to help the poor." So... what is with the conservatives, again? They blame everything they do on the Bible. Their god hates this, or that, or the other thing, and who are they to not go right along hating? Well, raise your hand if you think Jesus would have voted against health care for everyone. Seriously. Think about that for a second. Can anybody picture Jesus sitting there in the House yelling "baby killer!" at Bart Stupak? Did Jesus ever have one single word to say about abortion? Ever? Why no, he never even brought it up.

Would Jesus have joined the tea baggers? Would he spit on black Congressmen? Would he scream "ni**er" and "fa**ot" at Congressmen with whom he disagreed? Would he march around carrying signs with guns on them, or pictures of coffins? Would he mock a man with Parkinson's, telling him to look elsewhere for a handout, while throwing dollar bills at him? The baggers did. And maybe, like one guy who commented on that site, Jesus would complain that we would all end up being treated by "Foreign docs whose first language is NOT English and not well trained PA’s" (Physician's Assistants). Oh, wait. Jesus's first language wasn't English, either. Oops. Folks, if Jesus was a real guy (and readily I admit that I have no idea whether or not the character is based on someone who actually existed), he would have wept with shame.

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