Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Todays Thoughts


And #2: What Keith Olbermann said.

Keith has hit the nail on the head here. Republicans are so far gone, that they're out of control. This is exactly what I've been thinking lately. Lately, while I've been moving in atheist blog circles, I've been running into the GOP party extremist thing. And suddenly it's a lot more like mainstream than extreme to be a hateful, bigoted, abusive bully.

For example, I've been following Angie the anti-theist on Twitter since she live Tweeted and video blogged while going through the process of an abortion using RU-486. The comments she gets from these right-wing "pro-life" nutjobs are horrifying. I mean, is it "pro-life" to tell her that you hope she has to watch her young son torn limb from limb in front of her? Because someone said that to her.

And this is the problem with today's Republican party. You don't want to die giving birth (Angie's doctor said she most likely would have)? They answer with violence. You have Parkinson's, and want to see health care reform passed so you can pay your medical bills? They answer with insults and mocking, while throwing dollar bills at you. Dare to be a Democratic politician? Hoo boy. Take your pick. You're either a ni**er, or a fa**ot. Maybe they spit on you. Maybe they throw a brick through your office window. Maybe they try scare tactics like wanted fliers placed on your chair. Maybe they shout "baby killer!" and disrupt Congress. Or maybe they just decide that "there will be no cooperation for the rest of the year." (SO glad I voted for President Obama.)

Well guys, it's all backfiring now, isn't it? You suck. Let's do a post-Reagan score check. I'll let Reagan slide. We lived in terror of nuclear war, and in the middle of a raging cold war, but we didn't blow up. I'd call him close enough to even for my current purposes. But let's see. George H. W. Bush. (i.e. Bush 41). Promised us peace and prosperity. Gave us war and recession. Buh-bye. Parting gifts to us: highest national deficit in US history (Reagan's military e$calation did not help here.) Bill Clinton: pays off debt and we are in the black. Does not start any wars. Republicans waste our time yapping about his personal life. Is this the US government or the National Enquirer? Please. George W. Bush (i.e. Bush 43). Hey, we're in the black? Not for long, boy. You have misunderestimated my spending capacity. Not to be outdone by Daddy, he gives us a Bigger War, and a Huge Recession! There, top that, Jeb! During the whole Bush administration, anyone who dared to criticize President Bush ("Our" President, for whom I did not vote) was a communist, a traitor, should be shot, blah, blah, hate.

Now flash forward to 2010. Criticizing President Obama (who *is* my president, and for whom I *did* vote) is suddenly their patriotic duty. If he shows understanding to other countries, he's being soft. If he gets angry at them, he's making too big a deal out of it, and should let it slide." And by the way, they also hate gays, abortions, sex education, atheists, Muslims, poor people, health care, Mexicans, France, Canada, and brown people who don't play major league sports. And some of them, too. The hell? What don't they hate? Other white heterosexual Christians of their same denomination.

Now I'm not saying *everybody* who votes Republican falls under this description. But I am saying that if the party keeps on this same road, everybody who doesn't agree with all that garbage is going to leave the party. My parents left years ago. They were die hard Reaganites back when he was Governor of California. They voted for him every time his name was on anything. My mom quit the party when Bush 41 ran for president, and she never looked back. I hope many Republicans follow her example and just walk away. Sometimes it's best to start over without the baggage. Take your moderately sane contributors and start or join a different party. Because the crazies own the elephant now.

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