Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Against the Will of the American People?

Ok, so I've been trying to figure out why I get all these sidebar ads on Facebook for conservative/Republican things. My profile identifies me as a godless liberal. I thought maybe that wasn't specific enough. So a couple weeks ago I changed my political views to Democrat. Technically, I'm registered as unenrolled. I was a lot more of an idealist when I originally registered to vote, so I didn't want to join any political party. Fast forward past the Bush wars, the Republican theocracy, the Great Republican Recession, and the Party of No. Well, the odds of me ever voting for a Republican as long as I live, are... small. So even though I'm not actually a registered Democrat, I figured I was close enough for Facebook purposes.

Now, I know at least some of those ads check my profile to see if they are correctly targeted for me. I said I like Star Trek, and I get ads for sci-fi MMORPGs asking "Like Star Trek?" I said I like Stargate-SG1, and I get ads for some Corin Nemec fanclub. These ads prominently mention that he was on there (although they do not specify that he was only there for one season). I said I like Lord of the Rings, and I get a billion different kinds of offers totally unrelated to LotR, that feature pictures of various cast members or mention Tolkien. I said I like Quantum Leap, and I got about 12 million ads for Scott Bakula's new show. Liking Buffy got me ads for Tom Lenk's Broadway show (which I already knew about, since I follow him on Twitter - closing night was tonight, btw). I also get ads that ask me if I'm 40, or if I graduated in 1987.

So for the love of all that is chocolate, could they please stop putting up ads expecting me to support Glenn Beck and Rush Limburger? Just a few minutes ago, I got one about supporting the Republicans' effort to repeal health care reform. Even though I've clicked "like" on every single pro-reform ad that has popped up (I think there were two of those. Maybe three.) Anyway, the one I just got said that Democrats passed HCR "against the will of the American people." Excuse me? The American people who voted for the Democrats who passed it? Or maybe the American people who have been cheering about HCR on Twitter ever since it passed. How about the millions of Americans who are not going to die for lack of health care now? Guess what? You are not the majority, Repuggers. America wants this. And you know what? Next up is single payer universal care. Choke on it. Because like my new buddy Joe Biden said, "it's a big fucking deal!" I <3 him for saying that. He just turned into a guy I want to live next door to. For somebody who looks like a typical Washington White Guy, he's pretty damned normal.

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