Friday, March 19, 2010

In Which I Re-start the Blog

Yeah, so I've totally blown off writing this blog. Topic blog + ADD = Bored Now. So from now on, I'm just going to have random thoughts from a godless, liberal, nerdtastic, 3d texturing mom. Don't worry. Most people don't know what I mean when I say that last bit. I do 3d texturing and some modeling for Smith Micro's Poser and DAZ3D's DAZ Studio program. DAZ Studio is free, so if you are exceptionally curious about what it does, go download it.

Anyway, about the blog. I may be changing some design/layout elements as I go along. Not sure about the current theme. But I will try to post more often (shouldn't be harder to post more than nothing). The sidebar thing with the recent books I've read is obviously way out of date. Arthur C. was still alive when I was reading those, IIRC. So I'll see if I can get around to updating that, too. Meanwhile, I'll give some thoughts on what I've been reading and watching lately.

Recent Books: I'm re-reading Lord of the Rings. Haven't read it in years, so I figured it was time. Now I remember why I had trouble keeping track of all the characters when I was 12. I'd forgotten how many weren't in the movies. But I still approve of almost all of the changes Jackson made. Faramir, not so much.

Recent Movies: The other day I watched K-Pax. It was pretty amusing. Kevin Spacey as Prot from K-Pax made me laugh. I don't think it was supposed to be a comedy, though. The plotline was odd. I still don't know if he was really from space or not. But anyway, I'd probably give it about a 6 on a scale of 1-10. Tried to watch Population 436. Got halfway through it and decided that it wasn't likely to stop sucking. I'd 1 star, and only because I did get through half of it before shutting it off. I think it was supposed to be an overlong Outer Limits episode or something. It was about a town whose population is always 436. So when somebody is born, somebody else dies. It was a curse or something. Hey guys in 436land? Leave town. The end.

Recent TV: I don't have a TV. Well, I do, but it's the old kind that doesn't get the new signal. And I live too far away from both Boston and Springfield to get any reception without paying for cable. No thank you. But over the last couple of months I've marathoned Lost, Doctor Who (9th & 10th Doctors), Torchwood, and Heroes on Netflix, and I was watching Dollhouse on Hulu. Thumbs up on all of them. Obviously I liked them, or I would have cut short the marathoning. Which I did with Legend of the Seeker. Yawn. There's derivative fantasy, and then there's DERIVATIVE fantasy. This was the second kind. Zero originality. And then I remembered that I tried to read Wizard's First Rule (the Terry Goodkind book on which LotS is based), and that was boring, too. Didn't finish it, either.

Anyway, to sum up the shows that I did like:
Lost: Makes no sense whatsoever, and yet I can't stop watching it. There are so many groups of "others" on that island that they're going to have to build condos to house them all eventually. But I particularly liked the part in one episode where John's father insisted that the island was hell. If I die and wake up in Hawaii, I'll change my mind about there being an afterlife. And I'll send a postcard.

Doctor Who: Liked the 9th Doctor. Loved the 10th Doctor (David Tennant - drool). But I kind of don't want to watch the next guy. Neil Gaiman said that happens with every new Doctor (I read that in one of his tweets). But I don't know. Change and I are not particularly friends. As for the some of the other cast members, Billie what's her face that played Rose is one of the dumbest-looking people I've ever seen. I think Jessica Simpson beats her out, but it's close. It's like you want to knock on her head and ask if anyone is home. But I loved Martha. She was awesome.

Torchwood: Weird, interesting, and entertaining. But they seem to have not really known what to do with it. I hear the guy who made it is a Joss Whedon fan. Which makes sense, given that toward the end of the series... well they did what Joss would do. Rocks fall, everybody dies, the end. We hope you have enjoyed the show. This one could have been so much more than it was. I've heard they're going to make a US version (presumably without the gay characters, so the god-bots don't have to think about gay people existing). I also hear that it will be on Fox. I expect the US version to suck.

Heroes: This thing is all over the place as far as which characters are acting sanely at any given moment. And now I know why, I've been referring to Spock from JJ Abrams' Star Trek reboot thing as "Evil Spock." Because that guy has been playing a psycho killer on here for years. But then he's all of a sudden sticking on a pair of glasses and he's this nice, yet confused guy. Also, he's really hot for a guy who's too young for me. lol. But yeah, pretty good show. Mad about some of the characters that have been killed off, though. There are at least 3 that I want back, damn it.

Dollhouse: OMFG! Why does Fox have a hate-on for Joss? Firefly only got one season, and now Dollhouse only gets two. WTF is that about? This was easily my favorite show. They've basically got Total Recall + Fantasy Island going on there, and yet somehow, Fox couldn't manage to pull in ratings for it. Hint: promotion beyond the first episode would have been nice. But yeah, they have all these hot-looking men and women who get their minds wiped, and then rich customers pay for them to be programmed with their rich-person fantasy. Meanwhile, the mind wipes aren't working right, and the "dolls" are waking up and becoming aware of what's going on. And they canceled this. Un. Real. If someone else had made the same show and put it on a real network, Enver Gjokaj (Victor) would have walked away with an Emmy. Dichen Lachman (Sierra) would probably have gotten one, too. I already bought season 1 on DVD, and now I'm waiting for the season 2 DVD release, so I can watch it again.

So there we go. More ramblings on other things later.

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