Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What is the point of government?

I had another conversation with my conservative friend today. He was saying that "class warfare" isn't the answer to our economic problems. Which is apparently his opinion on asking the people with all the money to quit hogging all the money.  I don't mind if people have more money than I do. I don't mind if people have a whole ton of money and I don't.  But I do mind that 1% of the people have ALL the money.  So I have been thinking today, if the government isn't here to provide the services that We The People need, then what is that point of it?  So I Googled. And I got this answer from Yahoo Answers (which wasn't even chosen as the best answer, but I think it should have been).

For the United States, the Constitution gives certain goals for the government in the preamble:

To form a more perfect union - Make it so the people of different states can conduct business, make contracts, have compatible laws.

Establish Justice - Criminals get punished. No running between states to avoid prosecution.

insure Domestic Tranquility - Enact such laws that allow people to live peacefully with each other. Provide institutions that enforce laws (Police, Courts, etc)

Provide for a Common Defense - Establish diplomatic capabilities for the whole of the union, establishment of a military.

Promote the General Welfare - See to the needs of the people. This includes making health care available to enabling charitable causes.

secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity - The government is intended to provide freedom. In essence, this is a 'do no evil' kind of statement. (Posterity - Those who come after us... eg. Children, Grandchildren, etc)

They're right. That is the point of (the US) government. I don't see "provide tax breaks to the wealthy" or "corporations play for free" in there anywhere. Hell, I don't even see "protect unregulated capitalism." Unregulated capitalism is evil, greedy, and wrong. But I suppose when you support a fascist theocracy, evil, greedy and wrong are small potatoes.

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