Saturday, August 13, 2011

Two in One Day!

I had a conversation on Facebook with an old friend the other day. He had posted some cutesy Dr. Seuss poem about how much he doesn't like President Obama and his progressive policies. I responded that apparently the rest of the country does, since the GOP favorability rating is at an all-time low. He went on to tell me how he's not actually a Republican, because he votes "independent." Well I'm not actually a Democrat then, because I'm not enrolled in the Democratic party. I vote "unenrolled." But I am against pretty much everything the Republican party stands for.

Anyway, I was on FB today, and I saw on this sidebar that he had "liked" Michele Bachmann. That turned my stomach. How can anyone support her? Especially someone I consider a friend. I am still very upset about it. She LIES and makes up crap about the Constitution. She is ALWAYS wrong. She is dumber than Sarah Palin, and that's saying a lot. She wants a Constitutional BAN on same sex marriage. That's right. She actually wants to use the Constitution to TAKE AWAY PEOPLE'S RIGHTS! Why? Because her husband is gay, and hates himself for it because of people JUST LIKE HIM.  She wants to get rid of the minimum wage, because then, she says, companies could hire more people.  Seriously.  Oh, yeah, so instead of hiring someone for $8/hr., they can hire 12 people for $8/hr.! Hooray! Guess what, bitch? Having a job that pays you $.66/hr. is a lot like being a slave. She's basically the personification of everything that's wrong with this country. Her values and beliefs are not reconcilable with mine, and I don't see how, as a country, we can solve this problem.

I saw quite a few people over at today who were commenting on Romney's "Corporations are people" thing. The Republi-trolls were all "you people are supporting the EUROPEAN way, rather than the AMERICAN way." Fuck off. Has it occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, since the people of Europe have been doing this "having a country" thing longer than we have, they might just know WTF they're doing?

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