Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ThinkProgress » Univision Accepts $80,000 To Air GOP Group’s Ads That Tell Latinos Not To Vote

ThinkProgress » Univision Accepts $80,000 To Air GOP Group’s Ads That Tell Latinos Not To Vote

You know, really. Just when I think they've hit bottom, there go the Republicans, sinking again. Don't Vote? Seriously? That's their plan? Dear Latinos: Don't Vote. It will empower you. How freaking stupid do they think Latinos are?

Let's follow this train of logic, shall we? The ad complains about Democrats, and then says "don't vote." Ostensibly because Democrats shouldn't be able to count on their vote, since they don't do enough for them. Oh, sure. And if they don't vote, and the Democrats lose because of it, then the Republicans win. And if the Republicans win, that's supposed to be somehow better for Latinos? Really? That sounds a lot like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Republicans want to ship all the Latinos back to Mexico. Even the ones who didn't come from there, AFAICT. (Tangent: I once told a Texan who was bitching about bilingual accommodations that most of the Spanish-speaking people in my part of the country are American citizens from Puerto Rico. That just pissed him off more. The Puerto Rican lady who worked with us did not comment.)

Anyway, yeah. So apparently Latinos are supposed to make some kind of statement and get noticed by allowing Republicans to win. Um, when Republicans notice Latinos, they tell the police to ask them for papers. And then they put up a fence around Mexico.

I haven't even gotten to what a betrayal it is for Univision to run an ad like that in the first place. It's like smacking all their viewers in the face. You wouldn't see the Lifetime Channel running an ad telling women not to vote. So, WTF Univision? Was the $80K really that important to you?

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