Saturday, July 31, 2010

attributing tragedy

I've noticed that whenever someone "miraculously" survives a tragedy, somebody is usually there saying a god saved that person. For example, if a plane crashes, and there's one survivor, someone says their god must have been looking out for that person (but apparently he wasn't bothered much about the rest of them). So I was just wondering. If a plane crashes and everyone but one person survives, does that mean their god hated that person? Does it mean he didn't figure into the god's plans? And would anyone say that on the news? Like, you would hear this headline:

Car Flips Over and Bursts into Flames: One Person Walks Away Unscathed; Says God Has a Plan for Her

But not this one:

Car Flips Over and Bursts into Flames: Four Uninjured, One Dead; Relatives Say God Didn't Have a Plan for Her

Why is that? Could it possibly be that religion just tells us what we want to hear?

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