Thursday, January 3, 2008

Star Trek Thoughts

Ok, so Christmas totally blew off my plans for posting stuff. :-/

Anyway, I've been thinking Star Trek lately. All I've really heard about the "official" movie coming out is the vague casting rumors. But that's not what I've been thinking about anyway. I went and watched the latest New Voyages episode, with George Takei. Holy crap, those people are improving exponentially!! What a fantastic episode!! Christina Moses as Alana Sulu is probably the best unknown actor I've seen on there. She gave a NICE performance! And let me tell you, the actors playing young Sulu and young Chekov have benefited incredibly by working with the original actors. Before Walter Koenig showed up, I was just not buying the guy playing Chekov. But man, can he take direction. I am sincerely impressed with the marked improvement he shows in the episode with Koenig. I could absolutely believe he was a younger version (TOS notwithstanding, of course).

I haven't quite been able to follow some of their incongruities as far as canon, but it's still damn entertaining stuff. Watching the trailer for the next episode, apparently they're resurrecting Kirk's nephew. Looks like one of the themes of the episode is going to be Peter being gay. That is just SO appropriate for a Star Trek topic. I'm impressed. I think TOS or TNG would have tackled the subject were they still on today. And come to think of it, TNG did tackle it in reverse with that episode about the J'Nai. I have no idea if I spelled that right, but give me points for being close. I'm just too lazy to look it up. LOL. So yeah. With gay marriage being such a big issue these days, I think it's nice to see. I live in Massachusetts (where real marriage for gay people is legal), so I'm probably more liberal than... well everybody, but there you go.

The site is here if you want to check them out.

Anyway, that brings me into the movie they've been working on with a lot of Trek alumni. It's called Of Gods and Men. I got a newsletter the other day from them that said the first act was up. But when I went to their site, all I got was a message about the whole site being password protected. :-( I will have to go back later and see if it's fixed, because it looked very promising. It just blows my mind that all of these people are donating their time for these projects, and paying for everything themselves. Their agreement with Paramount does not permit them to make any money from the series. You can donate Home Depot gift cards and stuff like that if you want to help support them, but you can't just send money. I don't know; if I were Paramount I'd just pass them a franchise license and ask for a cut for whatever they make. It would be free money for them. Sure, you guys keep taking care of production costs and everything. Just send us a check if you make any money.

*takes momentary break to check site*

Ooh, it IS fixed! I'm waiting for my e-mail link to watch part I now!! Yay!! I'll let you know!

Meanwhile, you can visit their site here:

Just look at the header image and check out all the people participating! Whoa!

Now if I could only come up with the $130 to order the whole TNG series on DVD that's advertised in their Google ads. ROFL! I bet it's four times that if you buy them separately. I bought all the Buffy and Angel seasons separately at about $20 each (mostly used through Amazon and Star Trek seasons are WAY more than that. Paramount really does gouge us!

Anyway, I'm off to check my e-mail. Live long and prosper. ;-)

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